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Induction Hardening Of Crankshafts

For induction hardening of crankshafts, FOCO induction has developed fully automatic crankshaft induction hardening equipment and semi-automatic crankshaft induction hardening equipment. According to the size of the crankshaft, the hardened layer and hardness of the crankshaft, FOCO induction adjusts the appropriate heating frequency and power to achieve the best process effect.
This induction hardening system is manually controlled and its cost is lower. In order to ensure the quality of quenching, we have equipped it with a professional power supply and rotating system, so it is excellent in terms of stability of power output and uniformity of heating temperature.

Features of the crankshaft induction hardening system
  • Manual operation
  • Lower equipment investment costs
  • PLC control system (optional)
  • IGBT induction heating power supply
  • Stable power output
  • Reliable quenching quality