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Chuck hardening equipment

Item No.: FC-CH
Model: FC-J0-10 / 300
Power: 10-300kW
Shafts: φ10-300mm, L: 50-1500mm
Gears: φ20-300mm, H: 10-600mm
Application: Used for the hardening of shafts and gears of various materials, and the automatic hardening of chuck.
Automatic Hardening
Chuck automatic hardening machine is suitable for heating and hardening of various chucks and I-slots. The hardening of multiple different parts is automatically completed in one workstation.

Automatic Movement
The chuck automatic hardening machine has three positions of loading position, hardening position and unloading position. The movement of the workpiece between the positions is automatically completed by the automatic transfer machine without manual operation. When changing the type of workpiece, just set the corresponding processing technology program and replace the corresponding induction coil.

Operation status monitoring
The chuck automatic hardening machine can monitor and record the running status and operating parameters in real time. The electric control system of the machine tool and the heating power supply can be connected by signal lines to realize the automation of the workpiece hardening process.