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Ball stud hardening equipment
  • Ball stud hardening equipment
  • Ball stud hardening equipment

Ball stud hardening equipment

Item No.: FC-BSH
Model: FC-JC-15 / 160
Power: 15-160kW
Shafts: φ10-300mm, L: 50-1500mm
Gears: φ20-300mm, H: 10-600mm
Application: Hardening and tempering machines for ball studs with double-station.
Automatic frequency and power switching
Double-station vertical CNC ball studs hardening machine has the advantages of small footprint and easy operation. It can automatically switch between different frequencies and power according to different workpieces.

Surface Induction Hardening
It is used for surface induction hardening of small and medium-sized shaft and disk parts.

Multiple Scanning Heating Modes
Ball stud hardening equipment can complete continuous scanning heating, segmented scanning heating and timing scanning heating.

Stepless Speed Regulation
The speed of the workpiece can be adjusted steplessly, and the speed of workpiece feeding can be adjusted steplessly, and it is very convenient to realize rapid feed and return of the workpiece.
Intelligent Control System
Under the control of the CNC control system, the heated workpiece is fed while rotating, so as to achieve uniform heating temperature of the workpiece and ensure the stability of hardening quality.